I got Sanyo DMX-HD700(VPC-HD700)

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Original Post date October 22, 2007

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The product of the performance of the video camera for AVCHD is high.

However, AVCHD is complex the file format, and bad convenience. I do
not think that it buys it.

The product that can treat the MP4 file as it is is needed if it buys
It is convenient so that that may edit it with PC.

In addition, 1920×1080 full HD is high the requirement for edited PC. Because the edit is serious, it is enough in 720p now.

Thus, because DMX-HD700 had been put on the market by Sanyo, it bought it though a convenient
product was waited around here.

Size and lightness that is more heavenly than miniDV specification video camera ten years ago.
Enough personally only in this.
I wish the thing that the performance rises in several years. It bought it in the gratuity
market price.

As a first impression used for the time being

  • The cover of connectors is troublesome.
  • The cover of the battery is troublesome.
  • It is not easy to have it.
  • There is no mike terminal.
  • The image quality when moving is bad though it only has to stop.
  • The language setting is and there is only Japanese.
  • Additionally, variously

The shake is terrible though any video camera is so when using it while walking. In
addition, some image qualities are bad.
It is a thing that it wants you to make the image quality higher in the product in the
future if it is thought the price and the size corresponding though it is a permitted

Original Movie File

Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700(VPC-HD700)is Highly Recommend.

Sanyo VPC-HD700


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