Mechanism of United States presidential election in 2008 that even fool understands

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Original Post date: January 3, 2008

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I am a fool who doesn’t understand the mechanism of the election. It writes here brought the mechanism together for me.
(However, how much is there a fellow who can perfectly explain around here by the Japanese?)

It becomes full-scale in 2008, and it is a Caucus to elect the presidential candidate of each party and a Primary that starts on January 3 though it is the 44th generation United States of America presidential election.
Basic facts about presidential caucuses in Iowa msnbc

It starts from Iowa state January 3 for the Democratic Party. And, even Florida state January 29 continuously becomes an early stage of a campaign with New Hampshire state, Michigan, Nevada, and South Carolina January 8.

The Republican Party starts from Iowa January 3, too. Wyoming is January 5 continuously. New Hampshire is January 8. It is done continuously mainly on Louisiana, Hawaii, and February 2 by the Democratic Party in a lot of states.

Especially, because the result of Iowa and New Hampshire is very important, and influences the election afterwards, each candidate is making efforts.

Afterwards, the primary is done in populous state (In the Republican Party, 21 states and the Democratic Party are 22 states) such as New York and California on February 5 in 2008. This is so-called Super Tuesday (Super Duper Tuesday). At this point, the result is almost decided.
It doesn’t understand at the close game until the primary of all states ends on June 3, and of course, it almost turns out on the way, and a candidate not powerful seems to drop out one after another in case of almost.
Candidate list United States presidential candidates, 2008

If the primary of each state ends, the candidate of each party is formally decided in the Democratic Party rally held between Republican National Convention from August 25 to the 28th, September 1, and the fourth.

And, it chooses and it is done, and presidents of the United States the 44th generation decide to the book in fact on November 4. It is at December 15 to decide formally.
Assumption is January 20, 2009(The presidential inauguration: Inauguration Day).

The primary and the book choose and bring the eligibility etc. of mechanism and
the presidential election together if there is a leave.

Present presidential Bush is the Republican Party, and in view of a present political situation, the probability that the Republican Party candidate becomes the president is considerably little. It follows, the possibility that the Democratic Party candidate becomes the president is very high, and Clinton and Obama who is especially main contenders of the Democratic Party develop the rabid competition.

If the Democratic Party candidate becomes the president, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton since then and a becoming it political power after a long time. It becomes first colored person President for the president Clinton, and the first woman president and Obama.

I do not know the influence that each party and each candidate gives Japan.
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United States presidential election, 2008
United States presidential election, 2008 timeline

Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008
Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008


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