Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700(VPC-HD700)is Highly Recommend.

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Original Post date: January 7, 2008

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Pocket high-definition television camera and Xacti DMX-HD700 of Sanyo were bought, and it used it for about three months. It is a product overall not bad though the performance of the image quality only had to be high.

Especially, the first stage of the sale was about 70,000 yen. Even 40,000 yen is sold at the limited time of 50,000 yen it now. It is a product adversely on the cost performance side.

The following images are the one that capture was done. It is this image quality and a
product in one that finishes being satisfactory that finishes being recommended.
It falls obviously on the image quality side compared with the video camera with good performance. However, the advantage of this product is a size of not the high-resolution but pocketable extent and a point of image quality not bad.
It is not bulky, and is possible to take a picture readily because it is not heavy.

It is possible to take a picture of this by 720p though it was possible to take a picture of the product before readily. The image quality of 1280×720 is a best now size.

The file management after the edit is troublesome for the standard for which the performance of PC like AVCHD is necessary, and it takes a picture is inconvenient.
The file format can play any PC if it copies it onto HDD with mp4.
Convenience is very high.

It is almost unquestionable in general use on the first if a preliminary one battery is carried about at the battery drive time.
Moreover, if it is a travel of about one night stay if the SDHC card of 8GB is used, it is remaining capacity. The SDHC card drops the price, too and this respect will not be defeated at the tape media etc. either.

It buys for about 50,000 yen now (the end of January, 2008), and it can be said that it will be a selection as the easy video camera of a hurried image quality not bad.

sample File


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