Xbox Live cannot be understood. (The support of Microsoft also :. )

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Original Post date: November 26, 2007

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It keeps using Xbox Live in the beta version age. It kept buying Xbox 360 at the release date, the account being shifted of course, and it using it.
However, because the behavior of the account had become amusing recently, it inquired of Microsoft.

The symptom is a point that the Gold membership during the year of Xbox Live was changeable without permission in month. Not revokable thing because of error when this will be changed in year.

I knew several months this phenomenon. However, because the support was a rest on the weekend, what lent when troublesomely carving it.

When a variety of having examined it, the thing to have deleted Windows Live ID in the mail address that I had registered with Xbox Live 1 or 2 years ago seems to be a cause.

Windows Live ID did not start immediately after the Xbox Live beginning of service, and I do not understand whether it was such complex service before one is aware well.

When the credit card number was changed during half a year, it was especially unquestionable.
It was shifted from membership to membership during year during month when the price was high while it did not know.
The user is a situation that not revokable is strange in membership during year when the price is low.

Windows Live ID in the mail address when registering with Xbox Live was registered again because it was reluctant. The password is set as well as at that time.

It cannot be registered as Gemertag of Xbox Live.
The setting of the game player tag is also impossible by the setting of the account of Xbox 360 screen.
Anyway, the secession of the Gold membership is besides impossible because anything cannot be done except keeping things as they are though it can be done by hand power when hearing it from the support of Microsoft.

Moreover, if it is not one set of Windows Live ID and Xbox, that consists of three point unit as the game player tag and the password, Xbox Live cannot be used.
However, even if Windows Live ID disappears, it keeps taking money. This is a convenient system of collecting money for Microsoft.

It is necessary to be able to do as a consumer.

  1. It keeps enduring the account that cannot do anything this time by hand power with keeping things as they are.
  2. The Gamertag with which memories are blocked is thrown away, and the Gemertag of the current is made newly.

Microsoft’s system of security is strong also in Xbox Live for the consumer , for example, Windows Vista developed at the security development life cycle.
In a negligent system, the system adopts and operating ID by hand power though it puts away by some means by hand power when the user does a strange without permission thing this time adopts an impossible system.
This was proven by this matter. Microsoft is very a reliable business.

Thus, because strong security is shown off, Windows Server 2008 that is next year’s core product can be expected even with the product that the child also uses.
Especially, the defense ministry etc. that value security will introduce it.
Might be sure it to be assumed it is the best for the system of the field where the Public prosector Office like the golf entertainment management system etc. are not allowed to touch either, and to examine the introduction.

Moreover, the purpose is also for the product for the consumer, and making the telephone support connected directly with the user a rest on the weekend only on the weekday to feel rested, to make the staff near and ordinary user’s senses on the weekend, and to maintain a wonderful system of the support.
It is a workplace environment under which it works easily for the staff, and it is not possible to sleep by directing one’s steps to the game section of Microsoft because it makes it to the excuse to call bludging for the ordinary user.


The influence of Kashima Plant Mitsubishi Chemical?

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A fire occurred in the ethylene plant in the Kashima Plant of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. In this plant, ethylenes of 475,000 tons a year are produced. There are two, and the ethylene plant is each scale of this level, and an ethylene plant of a domestic maximum scale.

A fire occurs by one of the plants, and the expectation of restoration is not understood. As a result, it has a big influence on the petrochemistry production of Japan and the product using it.

It is a fire of the ethylene plant this time. Let’s think about the influence by taking it as an example of the polyethylene of a comprehensible, typical product.

There are three plants of polyethylene (manufacturing device) according to the floor plan.
There are some kinds of polyethylenes, and the production of grades (kind of the product) is sure to be divided in each plant though what kind of products each plant can produce is not understood.

By the way, polyethylene is commodity plastics (plastic) used for various products such as the drink cap, the plastic bag, the water and gas pipes, the fuel tanks (car), and buckets.

Polyethylene is divided into the high density polyethylene and the low density polyethylene.
The stiffness that differs greatly the density as being in the name is also different respectively though the molecular architecture is different.
Of course, the high density polyethylene is firm, and the low density polyethylenes are softer than they.

High-density polyethylene HDPE
Low-density polyethylene LDPE

Each resin (plastic) wants it referring to external links such as Wikipedia.
Polyethylene is commodity plastics, and it is produced by the petrochemical complex of all parts of the world.
The performance of each plant is different all over the world though there are a lot of plants respectively, and grades that can be produced are limited.
Especially, it is manufactured from a quite different manufacturing device though HDPE and LDPE are the same polyethylenes.
The grade of a different plant is not easily producible.

In the world of polyethylene, some physical performances can be shown by the numerical value. Almost the same thing is quite different in a performance detailed as the kind of some molecular architectures different, and additives is different etc. in the catalog value that a chemical manufacturer makes public.

It looks like though the pizza restaurant exists in various places if this is compared by a general example though it is difficult even if it tries to mimic the taste of another restaurant.

It is difficult to do usually the same driving in the plant of two remainder though it follows, one of the ethylene plants is effective, at least one continues among three polyethylene plants because it can expect half production at the level, and driving is possible.

Japanese polyethylene Ltd. is manufacturing the polyethylene produced in the Kashima plant of the Mitsubishi chemistry.
Japanese polyethylene Ltd. has the polyethylene plants also in Kawasaki, Mizushima, and
Oita excluding Kashima.
If it doesn’t stick to the performance etc. if only the number of factories is seen, the production of polyethylene can be maintained.

However, the price of oil has risen now. It doesn’t limit to polyethylene, and there is no room in production in the plant of each petrochemistry.
It is difficult to bear the production of two plants.

Moreover, when the resin for a medical treatment and a special industrial commodity is produced in Kashima, the problem is complicated.
The grade for each product obtains the product recognition etc. of each plant from each testing body etc.
There is a possibility where things that cannot be produced in other plants and the other companiess exist, too.

In general, the trader who uses the product can supplement with the other companies goods because it buys it from two or more companies to some degree with the assumption of the disaster like this time.
The other companies might not have room in manufacturing, and either it is difficult for the long term.

It is possible to move it to the other companies and another factory for the grade that has generality. However, the thing that cannot help being manufactured in the plant of Kashima comes out from a special product, too.

It is a Mitsubishi chemistry and Mitsubishi Kemicalhorldings to be influenced directly by this.
The other companies also is entering the Kashima plant, and it becomes the problem of all enterprises that compose the industrial complex of Kashima.
About above-mentioned Japanese polyethylene Ltd., it is a joint venture company with the enterprise of two or more so ons Japan Porikem Ltd., and it has a large influence on other chemical manufacturers.

The ethylene plant has a large influence on the downstream product. When this a fire is prolonged several months and every years, it might influence the corporate strategy.
Moreover, it is a situation that can be called the price of present oil abnormality, and the petrochemical doesn’t decide it for tens of years in the situation like the moderate left like before.
It is necessary to win the competition with the foreign company.

It just wishes that this accident not have some influences on the petrochemistry industry in Japan of the future.
There is a possibility that the manufacturing of Japan develops into the accident that might have some influences, too, too, when it is not possible to restore it at the early stage.

Can Windows OS be shifted to 64bit?

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The hardware of high-end PC can be shifted to 64bit environment at any time.
Windows is still 32bit though UNIX and Mac OS X have shifted to 64bit.

If, it is necessary to replace OS to do present 32bit Windows to 64bit. However, because the correspondence of the driver and the application is late, 64bit Windows cannot be shifted.

Windows Vista operates without trouble if there is a memory of 2GB. It is unquestionable for usual application software if there is an amount of the memory from 3 to about 4GB.
However, the application software in the future will become insufficient in 4GB.
It is near.

The opinion said enough with Windows XP is abundant. It is true when thinking about average user’s usage.
However, the change time of OS etc. was always said as for the opinion said enough by **.
If it is believed, 8MHz machine of MS-DOS might have kept still being used.

The development of the entire industry will not be able to hope the manufacturer like Microsoft that can say the leader of the industry shifts positively to 64bit of PC to pull performance improvement if it doesn’t take a measure.

If this movement is missed, it might be also near that the hegemony is grasped by the other companies such as Apple.

The Caes of Gerstmann-gate

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In editor Jeff Gerstmann on game information site GameSpot dismissal, it seemed to have been a big topic in December, 2007.

It is thought that the evaluation article on Kane & Lynch: Dead Men of Eidos Interactive is a cause in this matter.

It is thought that Gerstmann that wrote the article was dismissed because this company that was the advertiser of GameSpot was angry because of the content of the article.

A Japanese article on this details is this.

You will refer to this because GemeSpot also is writing this article.

Spot On: GameSpot on Gerstmann

Other evaluations are seen with

In both Xbox 360 the editions, the PS3 editions, and PC versions, it is seven points and points from six in ten point full marks not high.
However, the written content is corrected later. It comes to want to think that there was pressure from Edios Interactive of the advertiser.

The review magazine of the game has come in contact with the sales origin of the game.
In the section somewhere, some reactions might be heard directly from sales and the
production origin for the review article.
Case by case what shape it is.
There are various reactions for the thing with a bad evaluation.
For instance, from “It is a right evaluation” to “Kill him”

In many cases, it will become reactive of not putting the advertisement in the future if it is a reaction “Evaluation of the advertisement low though it puts”.

Of course, a good article is published if consisting in commerce even if there is no advertisement.
Therefore, the person who reads increases, too.

Because manufacturer returns to basic place of only having to make a work that is better to put strange pressure on such a place, and to advertise it usually

Of course, there was the staff’s shake in such On the Spot on December 6 that explained this matter because it was not simply made in the world, too.

When saying at least becomes a big topic like this matter, the user holds distrust with the two companies.

Actually, it has an influence big as for the user review etc.It becomes a counterproductivity it if it turned the heat.

Even if a commercial gaming site disappears, the thing that can be bought for several thousand yen of the game has the user review site.
And, damage is also a little even if it buys it by mistake.

The evaluation of the computer, the car, and the house where the price is high is difficult.
I want to watch how this matter will become it in the future because it is thought that the thing that looks like occurs being interested in the future.

Rumor: Gamespot’s editorial director fired over Kane & Lynch review Joystiq
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Human interface of the future expected fingertip operation

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Interface and now it’s cutting-edge, Wii, the iPhone touch panel. MacBook Air is the latest of the three fingers have to react to things. But now not only extend.
Wii is a new, but is not technically Killer.

Likely soon as the PC using the camera’s sensor.
Into the camera, hands and fingers, facial gesture, just interesting to be able to operate the PC.

Cameras captured the shape of the hands and fingers and analysis on a PC, the only gesture, and page scrolling feed, was able to manipulate the window.

Still image recognition, and smile to a person’s face can be determined. Real-time recognition in the shape of fingers can also become a matter of time.

But can the PC, PS3 will spare you from power would be possible.

Add: April 23, 2008

Publicis & Hal Riney has Near concept Demo.