Human interface of the future expected fingertip operation

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Original Post date: January 19, 2008

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Interface and now it’s cutting-edge, Wii, the iPhone touch panel. MacBook Air is the latest of the three fingers have to react to things. But now not only extend.
Wii is a new, but is not technically Killer.

Likely soon as the PC using the camera’s sensor.
Into the camera, hands and fingers, facial gesture, just interesting to be able to operate the PC.

Cameras captured the shape of the hands and fingers and analysis on a PC, the only gesture, and page scrolling feed, was able to manipulate the window.

Still image recognition, and smile to a person’s face can be determined. Real-time recognition in the shape of fingers can also become a matter of time.

But can the PC, PS3 will spare you from power would be possible.

Add: April 23, 2008

Publicis & Hal Riney has Near concept Demo.


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