The Caes of Gerstmann-gate

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Original Post date: December 16, 2007

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In editor Jeff Gerstmann on game information site GameSpot dismissal, it seemed to have been a big topic in December, 2007.

It is thought that the evaluation article on Kane & Lynch: Dead Men of Eidos Interactive is a cause in this matter.

It is thought that Gerstmann that wrote the article was dismissed because this company that was the advertiser of GameSpot was angry because of the content of the article.

A Japanese article on this details is this.

You will refer to this because GemeSpot also is writing this article.

Spot On: GameSpot on Gerstmann

Other evaluations are seen with

In both Xbox 360 the editions, the PS3 editions, and PC versions, it is seven points and points from six in ten point full marks not high.
However, the written content is corrected later. It comes to want to think that there was pressure from Edios Interactive of the advertiser.

The review magazine of the game has come in contact with the sales origin of the game.
In the section somewhere, some reactions might be heard directly from sales and the
production origin for the review article.
Case by case what shape it is.
There are various reactions for the thing with a bad evaluation.
For instance, from “It is a right evaluation” to “Kill him”

In many cases, it will become reactive of not putting the advertisement in the future if it is a reaction “Evaluation of the advertisement low though it puts”.

Of course, a good article is published if consisting in commerce even if there is no advertisement.
Therefore, the person who reads increases, too.

Because manufacturer returns to basic place of only having to make a work that is better to put strange pressure on such a place, and to advertise it usually

Of course, there was the staff’s shake in such On the Spot on December 6 that explained this matter because it was not simply made in the world, too.

When saying at least becomes a big topic like this matter, the user holds distrust with the two companies.

Actually, it has an influence big as for the user review etc.It becomes a counterproductivity it if it turned the heat.

Even if a commercial gaming site disappears, the thing that can be bought for several thousand yen of the game has the user review site.
And, damage is also a little even if it buys it by mistake.

The evaluation of the computer, the car, and the house where the price is high is difficult.
I want to watch how this matter will become it in the future because it is thought that the thing that looks like occurs being interested in the future.

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