Reuse the PET bottle can hardly be achieved in Japan.

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Original Post date: March 1, 2008

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I hear that the Ministry of the Environment will examine recycling(Reuse) the PET

Ministry of the Environment

The outline becomes it so.

It sells it applying the deposit to the PET bottle beverage to decrease the garbage of the PET bottle.
The bottle after it uses it is collected, washed, and it recycles as a beverage container.
This system is possible or each industry representative confers and the report is within the year.
The target of beginning this system within three years.

The large-scale one of 500ml or more is a main current in Japan in the beer bottle.
It is said that it wants to recycle just like this bottle though it puts from the
beer bottle in the glass and it drinks.
Of course, now though the beer with the aluminum can is a main current.

It is technically possible even now.
However, the country where the kind of the beverage requests the best
quality in the world a lot is Japan.

Achievement is an almost impossible system.

Various beverages such as beverages with a carbonated drink, a mineral water, green tea, oolong tea, a minute carbonic acid, and the fruit juice are sold in Japan.
There is a vending machine in Japan at every step though thought by the person who came from foreign countries that it knows, and various beverages are not sold.

Moreover, the kind of the container that differs also the beverage container
according to the kind of the beverage is various.

It is soda, and a mineral water that it is comprehensible in externals. As for this, the
thickness that differs shape is different.


Besides, the difference that understands well from externals is the one with white part of a Japanese original mouth.
This white doesn’t make it more attractive.
The crystal condition of resin (PET) to say the raw material by the technical term heating only this part to the shape of the mouth after it is is changed.

It becomes firmer when the part in the mouth whitens, and it becomes heat resistant. Therefore, it comes to be able to do the heating sterilization after the beverage is incased.
In a word, after putting the beverage, the beverage with white part of the mouth does the heating sterilization.
As for the part of the mouth transparent, it sterilizes, and because it is aseptic, sterilization is unnecessary.

It might be understood that there are various kinds also within the range that understands from externals though the shape of the container is also different in the beverage manufacturer and each kind.

In addition, it increases, and a container different from a cool beverage might be used also in the convenience store and the vending machine as for the PET bottle container for a warm beverage at last few years.

Tea reacts with the atmospheric oxygen etc. when heat is put and the quality decreases. Because the PET bottle penetrates oxygen easily, the container where oxygen is not penetrated easily with a part of tea system beverage is used.
The approach is different as this container coats the inside of a usual PET bottle (Some inside is brown) according to the container manufacturer.
The different one has increased in the container though externals are the same.

It is difficult for the one that the inside was coated etc. to divide the kind into externals because it doesn’t understand easily.
However, it is possible to select the one with different shape automatically with the inspection machine even now.

It is not realistic to select the collected container, and to return the factory the manufacturer and each kind though mechanically selecting it becomes possible. When this system is begun, it is necessary to unite the designs of the container like the beer jar.
The container of present 500ml is from 30 in weight to about 50g though the thickness becomes thick to make it not collapse, too. Weight is not wonderful. only become about 100g even if this doubles
The transportation of the container comes to carry air almost because it cannot crush the problem.

To avoid the uselessness of such distribution, the major beverage manufacturer is not, and manufactures the purchase of the PET bottle container from the container manufacturer in the beverage factory.

These management efforts exist, and the price of about 150 yen is maintained as for the soft drink such as 500ml. The cost of the container was from 10 to about 20 percent until several years ago. assumed by the beverage of 500ml 150 yen It is a still tens of yen recently though there is a possibility that 30 percent or more because the crude oil price has soared, too.

It is necessary to examine whether it is really good for the environment to collect a producible one in a cheap cost, and to put costs of washing and the selection, etc. firmly.

Two kinds of beverages of the container of the same container now and recycled goods will circulate when achieving it.
It is interesting how much the consumer with a high cost or more who chooses recycled goods comes out.
Even if such a system is achieved in Japan where it is the severest with the quality in the world, and a lot of kinds exist, the spread is considerably difficult.
The consideration of the Japanese doesn’t change, and it can be said that achievement is an almost impossible system as long as the growth of the soft drink enterprise is not disregarded.

The Ministry of the Environment might be one of the appeals. did this for environmental
You should start from an easier thing if it does.


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