India’s corrupt customs

I went to India Bangalore(Bengaluru) in July 2009.

I went to various countries, I am Japanese, and customs are essentially unchecked.
However, the customs of India and other countries did not respond.

I was traveling with a digital SLR and the video camera.
This seems to have become a problem.

Incidently, luggage was inspected because of X rays when entering a country, and this was asked variously.

Of course, it was honestly answered that it was a digital SLR, and a video camera.

At that time, something was written in the document.
I have not understood what the problem though what had been written was not understood because what word it is is not understood.

A true problem starts when getting out from the customhouse and going out of the airport.

The staff of the customhouse who saw the document has been specifying the array there.
Then, there were many people who seemed to be Indians who had big luggage though what you did was not understood.

The conversation of the staff of the customhouse was heard.
Then, the person who had brought a large amount of electrical appliances in seemed to be paying a tax.

It became it in my order.

Luggage is checked, the camera is seen, and this value has been heard in some measure.

Suitably, it was answered in total as US$3,000.

Then, it was said that it was necessary to pay $US1,000 almost because a tax rate was 35%.

Such a tax rate is too high. To begin with, it was said that I was a traveler.
However, the clerk in charge answers, “This is a rule”.

The tax such as 1,000 dollars is too high to pay anyway.

It exchanged for several minutes, and I said “Anyway, it is not possible to pay because it was high”.
Then, the clerk in charge has heard, “How much can you pay?”

It was said that you may pay if it was $100 of 1/10 because $1000.

However, only $40 had the cash of the US dollar in me.
Then, it was asked that it was good by this showing 10,000 yen of Japan with almost the same value.

The clerk in charge who had consented with bad grace took up 10,000 yen from me.
And, to conceal it, it put it away under PC.

I thought that I was warm-hearted the clerk in charge, made the value of the camera cheap, and made the tax cheap.

However, it was only it you may go out when it did not describe in the document at all, and money was taken up.

It noticed because it started at that time.
It is illegal by the staff of an Indian customhouse.

It knew later.
The tax : need not payment if it exports most even if the traveler brings cameras how many in.

Original Japanese article


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