Human interface of the future expected fingertip operation

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Original Post date: January 19, 2008

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Interface and now it’s cutting-edge, Wii, the iPhone touch panel. MacBook Air is the latest of the three fingers have to react to things. But now not only extend.
Wii is a new, but is not technically Killer.

Likely soon as the PC using the camera’s sensor.
Into the camera, hands and fingers, facial gesture, just interesting to be able to operate the PC.

Cameras captured the shape of the hands and fingers and analysis on a PC, the only gesture, and page scrolling feed, was able to manipulate the window.

Still image recognition, and smile to a person’s face can be determined. Real-time recognition in the shape of fingers can also become a matter of time.

But can the PC, PS3 will spare you from power would be possible.

Add: April 23, 2008

Publicis & Hal Riney has Near concept Demo.


MacBook Air is not used in Penryn

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MacBook Air (January 2008 edition) is a version of Intel’s Core 2 Duo shrink that adopted the use of 45-nm process using Penryn and many people have the wrong idea. In fact, 65 nm using a version of the Merom.

Apple, which uses technology, and more, if you do not publish, but some information from the public, it can determine.

The 1: Apple’s own version of 45 nm and is using it as I did not say a word

Mac Pro is the core of eight to 45 nm version using the Mac Pro site, and so it is written, the MacBook Air referral process is not written in the rules. Apple’s own version of 45 nm and is also said not a word.

The 2: shrink version compared to the same die size of the object

Macworld 2008 chip size

LE80537 written and normal size compared to the Core Duo 2, but this is Core 2 Duo T7400. That is the version of 65 nm Merom T7400.
And the same die size.Rules in the process, if it is smaller die size, die size change.

Intel 45nm and 65nm chip

45 nm version of the left and right are 65 nm version of the Quad-core products.

The 3: SSE3

Immediately after the public announcement, the MacBook Air SSE4 Developer Note has been written response. It also adopted Penryn reason was mistaken, but later modified SSE3.
Penryn is incidentally from the corresponding SSE4.

So let’s use what it is

4MB L2 cache, a 800 MHz FSB specification has been published and can say at this point is the ultra-low-voltage version is not. Version or normal voltage and low-voltage version can be expected.

This article is expected to be low-voltage version.

This article is in some greater detail.

The CPU is used MacBook Air, Penryn used ahead of the technology package, Penryn (Santa Rosa Refresh) or Montevina version of the main board is almost the same stuff used, such as body weight is almost unchanged . Instead, the battery life or performance either, or both things will improve in the coming six months or so may be.

And decrease development time, Intel and Apple’s recent honeymoon after considering the competitors ahead of Intel’s latest processor is the first to appear and will be Apple’s MacBook series that have the potential to become.

January Software Upgrade the iPod touch. Use hard iTunes Store

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I, which was announced at MacWorld 2008 Update iPod touch of a 2,480 yen fee was surprised because I did not know. However, the official added that if the Apps, the problem is not thought to buy.

JailBreak is my iPod touch with the various Update without using software. SDK will be released until the Update is not thought necessary, Maps, and the new features could not stand.

Update before iTunes to Authorize Computer, it was a message that came out on the Update will work for a moment and look back at the end.
End in a moment, on the left tab of iTunes Shopping Cart also be downloaded so it does not appear a total of three times about his purchase.

When it is not (because of the belief that) the same thing was repeated three times, but not the iPod touch and confirm, after already Update.
Looking at the screen’s iTunes Store, iTunes Store in the upper left corner of Quick Link Account, in the Purchase History purchased, but will be three times that were recorded.

I noticed immediately Report Problem button down it is a purchase from a total of about 16 hours after receipt minutes 7,500 yen received in the mail.

Update after the Mail JailBreak before setting data of the email was to take over the question, but the waste can be used for about 5,000 yen was cancelled? Anxiety.

Addenda: January 21, 9 pm

Thursday morning ordered the immediate pressing Report Problem is, Monday night’s reaction to not do anything. 24 Hours will be from the past, Web inquiries from the desire to send a cancellation.
The receipt itself is coming soon.

Addenda: January 22, 9 pm

Send inquiries after business hours from 6 to reply came as a total of four rather than three, so I was buying, and the three of us to cancel it.
The 2,500 yen to 10,000 yen to buy a fool I was. Dumb better.

Mechanism of United States presidential election in 2008 that even fool understands

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I am a fool who doesn’t understand the mechanism of the election. It writes here brought the mechanism together for me.
(However, how much is there a fellow who can perfectly explain around here by the Japanese?)

It becomes full-scale in 2008, and it is a Caucus to elect the presidential candidate of each party and a Primary that starts on January 3 though it is the 44th generation United States of America presidential election.
Basic facts about presidential caucuses in Iowa msnbc

It starts from Iowa state January 3 for the Democratic Party. And, even Florida state January 29 continuously becomes an early stage of a campaign with New Hampshire state, Michigan, Nevada, and South Carolina January 8.

The Republican Party starts from Iowa January 3, too. Wyoming is January 5 continuously. New Hampshire is January 8. It is done continuously mainly on Louisiana, Hawaii, and February 2 by the Democratic Party in a lot of states.

Especially, because the result of Iowa and New Hampshire is very important, and influences the election afterwards, each candidate is making efforts.

Afterwards, the primary is done in populous state (In the Republican Party, 21 states and the Democratic Party are 22 states) such as New York and California on February 5 in 2008. This is so-called Super Tuesday (Super Duper Tuesday). At this point, the result is almost decided.
It doesn’t understand at the close game until the primary of all states ends on June 3, and of course, it almost turns out on the way, and a candidate not powerful seems to drop out one after another in case of almost.
Candidate list United States presidential candidates, 2008

If the primary of each state ends, the candidate of each party is formally decided in the Democratic Party rally held between Republican National Convention from August 25 to the 28th, September 1, and the fourth.

And, it chooses and it is done, and presidents of the United States the 44th generation decide to the book in fact on November 4. It is at December 15 to decide formally.
Assumption is January 20, 2009(The presidential inauguration: Inauguration Day).

The primary and the book choose and bring the eligibility etc. of mechanism and
the presidential election together if there is a leave.

Present presidential Bush is the Republican Party, and in view of a present political situation, the probability that the Republican Party candidate becomes the president is considerably little. It follows, the possibility that the Democratic Party candidate becomes the president is very high, and Clinton and Obama who is especially main contenders of the Democratic Party develop the rabid competition.

If the Democratic Party candidate becomes the president, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton since then and a becoming it political power after a long time. It becomes first colored person President for the president Clinton, and the first woman president and Obama.

I do not know the influence that each party and each candidate gives Japan.
Election Ceter 2008
Decision ’08
Politics Index ABC News
You Decide 08!
Election Results CBS NEWS

United States presidential election, 2008
United States presidential election, 2008 timeline

Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008
Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008

Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700(VPC-HD700)is Highly Recommend.

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Continue of I got Sanyo DMX-HD700(VPC-HD700)

Pocket high-definition television camera and Xacti DMX-HD700 of Sanyo were bought, and it used it for about three months. It is a product overall not bad though the performance of the image quality only had to be high.

Especially, the first stage of the sale was about 70,000 yen. Even 40,000 yen is sold at the limited time of 50,000 yen it now. It is a product adversely on the cost performance side.

The following images are the one that capture was done. It is this image quality and a
product in one that finishes being satisfactory that finishes being recommended.
It falls obviously on the image quality side compared with the video camera with good performance. However, the advantage of this product is a size of not the high-resolution but pocketable extent and a point of image quality not bad.
It is not bulky, and is possible to take a picture readily because it is not heavy.

It is possible to take a picture of this by 720p though it was possible to take a picture of the product before readily. The image quality of 1280×720 is a best now size.

The file management after the edit is troublesome for the standard for which the performance of PC like AVCHD is necessary, and it takes a picture is inconvenient.
The file format can play any PC if it copies it onto HDD with mp4.
Convenience is very high.

It is almost unquestionable in general use on the first if a preliminary one battery is carried about at the battery drive time.
Moreover, if it is a travel of about one night stay if the SDHC card of 8GB is used, it is remaining capacity. The SDHC card drops the price, too and this respect will not be defeated at the tape media etc. either.

It buys for about 50,000 yen now (the end of January, 2008), and it can be said that it will be a selection as the easy video camera of a hurried image quality not bad.

sample File

I got Sanyo DMX-HD700(VPC-HD700)

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Original Post date October 22, 2007

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The product of the performance of the video camera for AVCHD is high.

However, AVCHD is complex the file format, and bad convenience. I do
not think that it buys it.

The product that can treat the MP4 file as it is is needed if it buys
It is convenient so that that may edit it with PC.

In addition, 1920×1080 full HD is high the requirement for edited PC. Because the edit is serious, it is enough in 720p now.

Thus, because DMX-HD700 had been put on the market by Sanyo, it bought it though a convenient
product was waited around here.

Size and lightness that is more heavenly than miniDV specification video camera ten years ago.
Enough personally only in this.
I wish the thing that the performance rises in several years. It bought it in the gratuity
market price.

As a first impression used for the time being

  • The cover of connectors is troublesome.
  • The cover of the battery is troublesome.
  • It is not easy to have it.
  • There is no mike terminal.
  • The image quality when moving is bad though it only has to stop.
  • The language setting is and there is only Japanese.
  • Additionally, variously

The shake is terrible though any video camera is so when using it while walking. In
addition, some image qualities are bad.
It is a thing that it wants you to make the image quality higher in the product in the
future if it is thought the price and the size corresponding though it is a permitted

Original Movie File

Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700(VPC-HD700)is Highly Recommend.

Sanyo VPC-HD700