Xbox Live cannot be understood. (The support of Microsoft also :. )

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Original Post date: November 26, 2007

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It keeps using Xbox Live in the beta version age. It kept buying Xbox 360 at the release date, the account being shifted of course, and it using it.
However, because the behavior of the account had become amusing recently, it inquired of Microsoft.

The symptom is a point that the Gold membership during the year of Xbox Live was changeable without permission in month. Not revokable thing because of error when this will be changed in year.

I knew several months this phenomenon. However, because the support was a rest on the weekend, what lent when troublesomely carving it.

When a variety of having examined it, the thing to have deleted Windows Live ID in the mail address that I had registered with Xbox Live 1 or 2 years ago seems to be a cause.

Windows Live ID did not start immediately after the Xbox Live beginning of service, and I do not understand whether it was such complex service before one is aware well.

When the credit card number was changed during half a year, it was especially unquestionable.
It was shifted from membership to membership during year during month when the price was high while it did not know.
The user is a situation that not revokable is strange in membership during year when the price is low.

Windows Live ID in the mail address when registering with Xbox Live was registered again because it was reluctant. The password is set as well as at that time.

It cannot be registered as Gemertag of Xbox Live.
The setting of the game player tag is also impossible by the setting of the account of Xbox 360 screen.
Anyway, the secession of the Gold membership is besides impossible because anything cannot be done except keeping things as they are though it can be done by hand power when hearing it from the support of Microsoft.

Moreover, if it is not one set of Windows Live ID and Xbox, that consists of three point unit as the game player tag and the password, Xbox Live cannot be used.
However, even if Windows Live ID disappears, it keeps taking money. This is a convenient system of collecting money for Microsoft.

It is necessary to be able to do as a consumer.

  1. It keeps enduring the account that cannot do anything this time by hand power with keeping things as they are.
  2. The Gamertag with which memories are blocked is thrown away, and the Gemertag of the current is made newly.

Microsoft’s system of security is strong also in Xbox Live for the consumer , for example, Windows Vista developed at the security development life cycle.
In a negligent system, the system adopts and operating ID by hand power though it puts away by some means by hand power when the user does a strange without permission thing this time adopts an impossible system.
This was proven by this matter. Microsoft is very a reliable business.

Thus, because strong security is shown off, Windows Server 2008 that is next year’s core product can be expected even with the product that the child also uses.
Especially, the defense ministry etc. that value security will introduce it.
Might be sure it to be assumed it is the best for the system of the field where the Public prosector Office like the golf entertainment management system etc. are not allowed to touch either, and to examine the introduction.

Moreover, the purpose is also for the product for the consumer, and making the telephone support connected directly with the user a rest on the weekend only on the weekday to feel rested, to make the staff near and ordinary user’s senses on the weekend, and to maintain a wonderful system of the support.
It is a workplace environment under which it works easily for the staff, and it is not possible to sleep by directing one’s steps to the game section of Microsoft because it makes it to the excuse to call bludging for the ordinary user.


Can Windows OS be shifted to 64bit?

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Original Post date: November 17, 2007

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The hardware of high-end PC can be shifted to 64bit environment at any time.
Windows is still 32bit though UNIX and Mac OS X have shifted to 64bit.

If, it is necessary to replace OS to do present 32bit Windows to 64bit. However, because the correspondence of the driver and the application is late, 64bit Windows cannot be shifted.

Windows Vista operates without trouble if there is a memory of 2GB. It is unquestionable for usual application software if there is an amount of the memory from 3 to about 4GB.
However, the application software in the future will become insufficient in 4GB.
It is near.

The opinion said enough with Windows XP is abundant. It is true when thinking about average user’s usage.
However, the change time of OS etc. was always said as for the opinion said enough by **.
If it is believed, 8MHz machine of MS-DOS might have kept still being used.

The development of the entire industry will not be able to hope the manufacturer like Microsoft that can say the leader of the industry shifts positively to 64bit of PC to pull performance improvement if it doesn’t take a measure.

If this movement is missed, it might be also near that the hegemony is grasped by the other companies such as Apple.

Human interface of the future expected fingertip operation

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Interface and now it’s cutting-edge, Wii, the iPhone touch panel. MacBook Air is the latest of the three fingers have to react to things. But now not only extend.
Wii is a new, but is not technically Killer.

Likely soon as the PC using the camera’s sensor.
Into the camera, hands and fingers, facial gesture, just interesting to be able to operate the PC.

Cameras captured the shape of the hands and fingers and analysis on a PC, the only gesture, and page scrolling feed, was able to manipulate the window.

Still image recognition, and smile to a person’s face can be determined. Real-time recognition in the shape of fingers can also become a matter of time.

But can the PC, PS3 will spare you from power would be possible.

Add: April 23, 2008

Publicis & Hal Riney has Near concept Demo.

MacBook Air is not used in Penryn

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Original Post date: January 26, 2008

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MacBook Air (January 2008 edition) is a version of Intel’s Core 2 Duo shrink that adopted the use of 45-nm process using Penryn and many people have the wrong idea. In fact, 65 nm using a version of the Merom.

Apple, which uses technology, and more, if you do not publish, but some information from the public, it can determine.

The 1: Apple’s own version of 45 nm and is using it as I did not say a word

Mac Pro is the core of eight to 45 nm version using the Mac Pro site, and so it is written, the MacBook Air referral process is not written in the rules. Apple’s own version of 45 nm and is also said not a word.

The 2: shrink version compared to the same die size of the object

Macworld 2008 chip size

LE80537 written and normal size compared to the Core Duo 2, but this is Core 2 Duo T7400. That is the version of 65 nm Merom T7400.
And the same die size.Rules in the process, if it is smaller die size, die size change.

Intel 45nm and 65nm chip

45 nm version of the left and right are 65 nm version of the Quad-core products.

The 3: SSE3

Immediately after the public announcement, the MacBook Air SSE4 Developer Note has been written response. It also adopted Penryn reason was mistaken, but later modified SSE3.
Penryn is incidentally from the corresponding SSE4.

So let’s use what it is

4MB L2 cache, a 800 MHz FSB specification has been published and can say at this point is the ultra-low-voltage version is not. Version or normal voltage and low-voltage version can be expected.

This article is expected to be low-voltage version.

This article is in some greater detail.

The CPU is used MacBook Air, Penryn used ahead of the technology package, Penryn (Santa Rosa Refresh) or Montevina version of the main board is almost the same stuff used, such as body weight is almost unchanged . Instead, the battery life or performance either, or both things will improve in the coming six months or so may be.

And decrease development time, Intel and Apple’s recent honeymoon after considering the competitors ahead of Intel’s latest processor is the first to appear and will be Apple’s MacBook series that have the potential to become.